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As SYRCL’s 21st annual Wild and Scenic Film Festival winds down, we are looking back in awe of the immense showing of support from our volunteers and the community. 

Photo by Kathy Triolo

During the 2023 Wild and Scenic Film Festival, we positioned 13 Environmental Action Tables across Nevada City and Grass Valley, led by an incredibly dedicated team of volunteers, to educate and mobilize fest goers and community members to sign SYRCL’s petition to the Nevada County Board of Supervisors urging them to say NO to the Idaho-Maryland Mine.   

Photo by Kathy Triolo

Since our petition launched on February 1, so far we have received over 780 signatures in support of the effort to stop the Idaho-Maryland Mine – and this number continues to grow by the minute. This is a true testament to the power that we have when we act collectively. We also know we simply could not have mobilized the community on such a large scale without our WSFF Environmental Action Table volunteers – we sincerely thank you for your commitment to protecting this community’s air, water and quality of life. 

The road doesn’t quite end here though. We still need help getting across the finish line. 

The Nevada County Planning Commission is expected to notice public hearings on the Idaho-Maryland Mine project sometime in Mid-March, after which the Planning Commission will make a recommendation on the project to the Nevada County Board of Supervisors. We know the community opposes the project because we have the signatures to prove it. Now we need to fill the halls and the seats of the Nevada County board room to demonstrate this opposition in real time.   

After Planning Commission meetings in mid-March, the Nevada County Board of Supervisors will make a final decision on whether to approve or reject the project. Put simply – the Idaho-Maryland Mine’s fate lies in the hands of 5 elected County Supervisors.  

This is why SYRCL put together a petition to simply urge the Nevada County Board of Supervisors to reject the project. Our community has spoken and it has spoken clearly in its opposition to the Idaho-Maryland Mine. Businesses and residents from all walks of life agree that a toxic mine in the middle of our vibrant community is reckless and a huge step backwards – it’s simply not worth the risk. 

If you haven’t signed our petition yet, you can do so by visiting YubaAction.org.  

Photo by Mike Shea

Stay tuned for information regarding upcoming public meetings and events on the Idaho-Maryland Mine and for ways you can stay involved in the coming months.  

Thank you again for your support and investment in this critical community issue. Collectively, we can and will stop the mine. 

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  1. Beverly A Blake says:

    I marched in the parade and I was overwhelmed by the support of the community! People were at least 10 deep all along the parade route and they all were cheering us! Many in the audience had NO MINE signs too! Really encouraging!!

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