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Visiting the South Yuba River

The South Yuba River is one of the most visited attractions in Nevada County, thanks to its signature emerald green swimming holes and picturesque granite boulders. Each summer, the Yuba’s popularity attracts thousands of river goers. More visitors means more coolers, more dogs, more trash, and a greater risk of fire.

Keeping Current

Protect the River You Love with a Matched Donation

A generous donor, who understands how vital SYRCL’s supporters are for safeguarding the Yuba, is offering a one-to-one match for all gifts made by December 31. It’s a tough time to ask for financial help – food and gas prices are top of mind for everyone. But as Yuba stewards working to rebuild floodplains, bring…


The Lower Long Bar Restoration Project Construction is Finished

The lower Yuba River once supported a thriving ecosystem with a braided channel system that fostered an abundant fish population and habitat for wildlife. During the Gold Rush era, hydraulic mining sediments flooded the ecosystem, covering habitat under tons of sediment. Later, dredger mining reworked that material and created a channelized river system with “training…


Slow Start to the Salmon Season in the Lower Yuba River

Through SYRCL’s participation in the River Management Team (RMT), we get monthly updates on the number of Chinook and steelhead utilizing the fish ladders at Daguerre Point Dam. This year’s numbers, unfortunately, are significantly down from the recent past.  The RMT is a group of agency and non-profit representatives that work together to better understand…


SYRCL’s Volunteer Open House Event 12/8/22

Do you want to do more to help protect the place that you love? Do you want to do some hands-on activism for a cause you believe in? The South Yuba River Citizens League is always looking for dedicated and engaged volunteers to help us protect and preserve the Yuba River watershed.   Please join…