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Statement of Solidarity

We are deeply troubled by what is unfolding in this moment within our country and around the world. Our hearts are heavy with the grief, anger, fear, and violence from the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery and the life-threatening 911 call made on Chris Cooper while bird watching. We acknowledge these are only the most recent in a litany of violent offenses against black people. We are among the many that are grappling with this pain and loss in the midst of rampant unrest and a global pandemic. More

River Ambassador Volunteers Needed

Each day dozens of visitors arrive to our pristine river but rarely leave it that way, but now is your chance to help the Yuba. Sign up for River Ambassador training on June 17. Details

What to do if it Rattles: Snake Safety on the Yuba

It’s starting to warm up outside, and us humans aren’t the only ones that enjoy the sunshine. That’s right, it’s snake season! While some people may fear them, these animals are a vital part of our ecosystem. Here’s how you can safely navigate a snake encounter and appreciate their beauty. Details

High Water & Covid-19 Impact River Safety Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend typically marks the first surge of visitors to the Yuba River, but this year will be different due to COVID-19 and California’s stay-at-home order. Details

SYRCL Welcomes New Board Members

Over the last several months, the SYRCL Board of Directors have welcomed three new members to their ranks, and they’re giving a boost to SYRCL’s capacity in advocacy, fundraising, operations, and land management. Details

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