Latest Past Events

Public Salmon Tour

SYRCL’s Salmon Expeditions are an amazing opportunity for you, your family, and your friends to adventure down the Yuba River to see spawning salmon! Local river rafting guides, SYRCL educators, and trained volunteers will take community read more >>


River Ambassador Training

River Ambassadors are volunteer environmental stewards trained to engage South Yuba River State Park visitors in Leave-No-Trace ethics and personal action to keep the river healthy, clean and safe. Stationed at popular river crossings, Ambassadors greet the public to provide knowledge and tools to protect the Yuba. Join the dedicated team of River Ambassadors for Summer 2021!


Rivers Lab: Virtual Book Club

Rivers Lab is a paper reading and discussion group formed to gather our community of river lovers and to practice scientific literacy. Our goal is to increase access to the knowledge within academic papers and to foster deeper understand of the ecosystems we live in and care for. Rivers Lab is a collaborative effort between all participants in which we discuss a publication, ask questions, and enjoy each other’s company.