Chainsaw Basics

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Chainsaw Basics: On Saturday, April 20 from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm in Colfax Placer RCD will host a Chainsaw basics course.This is an introductory, field-based course meant to support community members who are interested in safely using and maintaining a chainsaw. Beginners welcome!! The goal of this course is to encourage ALL community members to participate in managing fuels on their lands. Historically, people who identify as women, non-binary, trans, femme, or Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) have constituted a relatively small portion of the fire/fuels workforce or community-led prescribed fire training opportunities. This is not a felling course and no certifications will be distributed. This is strictly to learn how to safely buck and limb and better understand how much fuels work can be completed with a small saw and some sweat!

Participants are REQUIRED to bring their own equipment and PPE including the below list. Participants who do not bring the appropriate PPE will not be permitted to participate. Fuel and bar oil will be provided. If you have questions about any of the below materials, feel free to reach out to Cordi Craig at course will be taught by two experienced sawyers (Class C Advanced Faller; more than 7 years’ experience as a climbing arborist). The course is limited to 15 participants.

REGISTRATION: To register, please email Cordi Craig at with Subject Line: “Chainsaw Basics.”