Working to ensure the long-term health of the Yuba River watershed

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What it means to “Restore”

Restoration is the re-creation of something that was lost.

Ecological Restoration refers to “restoring degraded, damaged, or destroyed ecosystems and habitats in the environment by active human intervention and action.”

Re-imagining Human Impact

The rich ecological diversity of the Yuba River watershed is at risk due to a variety of historic anthropogenic (human-caused) impacts, such as hydraulic and dispersed mining, dams, and development. These impacts have fragmented habitat for terrestrial and aquatic species, altered climatic conditions, and introduced pollutants and invasive species to the Yuba River watershed.

SYRCL is committed to the restoration and preservation of the Yuba River watershed through both large- and small-scale projects from the headwaters to the sea.

Taking Action

While complete restoration is not always achievable, remediation or rehabilitation can restore critical components of lost ecological function and serve to enhance habitat conditions for important species today, while encouraging self-sustaining habitats going forward.

We are taking action to regenerate habitat all throughout the Yuba watershed.

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River Restoration

Meadow Restoration

Forest Health

Help SYRCL Restore the Yuba

Ready to take action? There are lots of ways you can help SYRCL restore the ecology of the Yuba watershed.

SYRCL cannot accomplish many of its goals or operate its programs without the generous donation of time and effort by a group of dedicated Volunteers. We are always looking to grow our ranks.

  • River Ambassadors
  • Yuba River Cleanup
  • River Monitoring
  • Invasive Plant Removal
  • Salmon Expeditions
  • Watershed Excursions

Science Informed Programs

Ensuring that our work is informed by the best science available.

The goal of the River Science Program is to provide scientific information where it is most vitally needed to support the protection and restoration of the Yuba River watershed. The program involves monitoring, research, data analysis, watershed assessment, watershed coordination, education, and collaboration.

SYRCL’s staff scientists are trained in hydrology, fisheries, stream ecology, and watershed management. The River Science Program also draws on a network of associates including personnel from resource agencies, research scientists from universities, and consulting professionals who often donate their time to SYRCL.

River Monitoring

Citizen-based projects, including monthly water quality testing, to monitor the health of the Yuba River and tributaries.

Yuba Salmon Now

The Yuba Salmon Now campaign envisions a day when wild salmon swim freely from the summit to the sea― liberated from the threat of extinction and restored to their ecological prominence in our state’s natural heritage―and once again provide jobs, world-renowned fishing, and a source of healthy food.

Dams & Hydropower

SYRCL works with a diverse coalition of conservation groups through the process of hydropower project relicensing.

Cooperative Watershed Management

Engaging resource management entities for the protection and restoration of the Yuba River watershed.


Developing and implementing scientifically supported projects which protect biodiversity and restore watershed health.

RiverDB is an information system and database that provides documents, maps, data, and tools for people interested in the condition of the Yuba River watershed. RiverDB is designed to facilitate collaborative work among organizations, and to promote a science-based understanding of the entire Yuba River watershed.

The Yuba Watershed Needs You


SYRCL’s work developing and implementing scientifically supported projects which protect biodiversity and restore watershed health can only be accomplished with the help of our volunteers and members.

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