Say NO to the Idaho-Maryland Mine — The Wild & Scenic Film Festival Petition

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    to the BOS: please understand that should the mine be reopened that NOBODY will EVER believe that the BOS wasn’t compensated or promised compensation for their vote. Regardless of the facts and truth, your names and reputations will be synonymous with greed and selfishness and corruption…so please, do our community and your family names all a favor and stand up for the community. We don’t need THESE JOBS! we can find other jobs!

  2. Jerre Fling says:

    We can’t afford to take chances with our water and other environmental treasures so that you can get rich – or not!

    1. Joan Girdler Good says:

      Couldn’t agree more. When our nest is gone, then what?

  3. Vanessa Viavant says:

    Absolutely not in support of this. This would destroy our waters and ecosystems!

    1. Holly Bee Rose says:

      I believe the mine could jeopardize all things that make this a special place to live. It’s a huge risk expecting everything to go as Mr. Mossman proposes.

      If the BOS approves, they are ignoring the majority of their constituents, many of which are highly educated and have sacrificed much time to review all aspects of the mine and show that it could be a disaster on so many levels.

      This vote will be telling. To me, it’s not going to be just about the mine. It’ll show who has the integrity and objectivity to do what’s best for their community.

      Rise Gold and one click spoofed my email and sent multiple fictitious emails to the planning board and BOS saying I support the mine. Is that the kind of company we want being a major employer here?

  4. Kenneth Woods says:

    I have not seen or read of any Yes votes to this proposal by Nevada County residents. They have not been honest in any of their research and are currently being sued in court for not living up to their responsibilities in that suit.

    Your approval of this proposal would destroy all the reasons I live here !

  5. Doug Farrell says:

    Rise Gold is proposing to pump (dewater) and discharge, into a nearby creek, 3.6 million gallons of ground water every day during their initial 6 months dewatering of the mine site. After the first six months they intend to pump 1.2 million gallons of water per day thereafter for as many years as the mine produces profitable gold.

    According to the CA Legislative Analyst’s Office, the average water use in California is 85 gallons/person/day. So, during the initial 6-month dewatering phase of this project , Rise Gold will be pumping and dumping enough of our drinking quality ground water to supply 42,000 people with potable water every day. During the operational phase, which will go on indefinitely, enough water will be pumped to supply 14,000 people with potable water every day. This is more than the entire population of Grass Valley. In a region where our rainfall and groundwater recharge are becoming more unpredictable every year, this jaw dropping waste alone, of our most valuable resource, should disqualify this project from further consideration.

  6. Yasha Aginsky says:

    Protect our environment, fight polluting and dangerous industrial mining and let our supervisors know how you feel.

  7. If the mine is approved, I’ll have to try to sell my home and move. I live within a 2 mile radius of the mine. Who will buy my home and at what price? No water = worthless home. How can the lessons learned from the recent past approved mining on San Juan Ridge be forgotten so quickly?

    1. Beverly Blake says:

      You are absolutely ! Not only your property, but everyone’s property in Nevada City as well as Grass Valley, Penn Valley, everyone will be impacted. I am a Realtor and all my fellow Realtors agree, the mine will be a disaster for property owners.

  8. Kathleen Fenton says:

    The Idaho-Maryland Mine poses an obvious and highly toxic threat to our community. In addition, its developers are being sued for egregious irresponsibility elsewhere. The BoS must do its job by voting this project down. The idea that short-term jobs would compensate the community for irreversible environmental damage and the serious erosion of our quality of life is appallingly short sighted.

  9. Robert Norman says:

    I’m with Ms Fenton
    Shocked it is even being considered
    Isn’t the existing damage from mines enough. I ton of Orr for a half oz of gold
    Robert Norman

  10. Carol Nimick says:

    There is nothing positive about this mine. ALL mining in this area must be stopped. Let’s be an environmentally conscious town supporting film festivals and not mines!

  11. Mary B Brock says:

    Mining and it’s toxic legacy may be Nevada County’s history, but it must not be our future! Write your Planning commissioner and Supervisor – tell them to just say NO to the reopening of the Idaho Maryland Mine! Please gather your friends and show up at the upcoming Planning Commission and Supervisors hearings! Just say No!!!!

  12. James Clarke says:

    We certainly don’t need any more gold mines !

  13. Cheryl Zook says:

    Just say no to the reopening of the mine.
    There can be no good outcomes for Nevada County. Why would the BOS even corgis when so many of oppose the reopening. Ben Mossman is a crook and a proven liar. He is currently at trial for failing to meet his obligations on a Canadian mine. Why is there even a question of allowing this CEO any chance in our beautiful county? Follow the money is what I say what other reason could the BOS have other than promises personal gain?

  14. Peter Burnes says:

    You can’t mitigate a bad idea. The mine is a really bad idea!

  15. Barbara Hefner says:

    No to the mine.

  16. Walter O’Dwyer says:

    Don’t be a board of Stooges, be a board of Supervisors who have our quality of life as their and our concern!!? Please vote NO on the mine. See you at the Board Meeting! Walt

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