New Faces and New Titles

New Faces and Titles at SYRCL

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The South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL) is continuing to grow in order to fulfill its mission to protect and preserve the Yuba River Watershed. With that, some staff have shifted into new positions, we’ve had new hires to fill vacant positions, and we’ve added new jobs to expand our capacity. 

New Job Titles 

Aaron Zettler-Mann was recently promoted from SYRCL’s Watershed Science Director to his new role as SYRCL’s Executive Director. 

Alecia Weisman was promoted from her role as SYRCL’s Headwaters Science Program Director to fill the vacant Watershed Science Director Position 

Kat Perlman transitioned from her role as SYRCL’s Forest Conservation Program Manager to her new title as North Yuba Forest Project Manager. 

Rose Ledford was promoted to Science and Education Project Manager and will have greater responsibilities in both SYRCL’s Watershed Science Department and SYRCL’s Education Department. 

Summer Driscoll has a new title of Botany Technician within SYRCL’s Watershed Science Department

New Hires 

Traci Sheehan was recently brought on to fill SYRCL’s vacant Policy Manager position. 

Carol Fassino has been hired as SYRCL’s new Human Resource & Accounting Specialist. 

Katy White has been brought on as SYRCL’s Development Associate. 

Sebastian Ma’a has been hired to fill Kat Perlman’s old position as SYRCL’s Forest Conservation Project Manager. 

Caitlin Martin has been hired as SYRCL’s Education and Outreach Coordinator. 

To find out more about each of these dedicated and passionate people contributing to SYRCL’s success, please check out our Team Directory

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