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Protecting a watershed takes many hands and SYRCL would not be as successful without the collaboration and partnership of dozens of environmental organizations and agencies in the Yuba Watershed.  Explore the work of SYRCL and the Yuba Forest Network through this interactive watershed map and everywhere that we are working to protect our rivers and forests.  

A Hard-Working Watershed, Unlike Any Other

The Yuba River Watershed has something that others do not. Like many Sierra Nevada watersheds, the Yuba is home to stunning forested landscapes, historic mining towns, and countless ecosystem services. While all of these factors contribute to its magnetism, it is the impressive number of organizations dedicated to protecting, restoring, and improving this watershed that make it distinctive. 

Watershed Collaboration is Key

SYRCL’s Yuba Forest Network (YFN) works to bring over 40 Yuba watershed-based organizations together in effort to increase collaboration amongst organizations and encourage connectivity of forest health projects. The Yuba Forest Network’s Stakeholder Mapping Project is one resource tailored to make such collaboration happen.

Breakdown of YFN organizations by type

A Watershed-Wide Map Series

No cartography experience necessary. The Stakeholder Mapping Project is an accessible, online, interactive map series of forest health and fuel treatment projects within the Yuba watershed and Nevada County from the past 15 years. The map series includes a map of stakeholder projects organized by their current status, a map organized by lead organization, a map of projects that extend beyond the watershed, and a map of Nevada County’s Firewise Communities. With just a few clicks, learn project details, search your home address, and share or print a quality map.

The map series includes descriptions on the left, an interactive map in the middle, and helpful tools on the right. Click on the image to explore for yourself!

Navigating collaboration. Imagine you are a non-profit employee applying for a grant and want to include a map of projects your non-profit has completed to exemplify your credibility to the grantee. Picture you want to coordinate a restoration project in an area and need to know which organizations to reach out to for planning. Or, say you are an active community member on a mission encourage your neighbors to start a certified Firewise Community. The Stakeholder Mapping Project can save you the headaches of both finding information and making a quality map to share. Simply use the Map Tools embedded in each map to display your desired information and print or share directly from the map.

Made by the community, for the community

Finding the way forward. This mapping project is made possible by organizations volunteering their spatial data and project information. The growth of this project is dependent on ongoing support from contributing stakeholders. The Stakeholder Mapping Project is a resource for all stakeholders of the Yuba Watershed and thus it is crucial that is best serves those using it.

Make your mark. If you or someone you know has spatial data of forest health and fuel treatment projects that you would like added to this map series, please contact SYRCL’s Forest Health Coordinator, Mary McDonnell at Also, if you feel something is missing from the map, you can provide feedback here.

The Yuba Forest Network aims to increase collaboration by connecting stakeholders, projects, and resources in order to accelerate the pace and scale of forest health projects across the region.
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