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  • Jeff Lauder of Sierra Streams Institute and UC Merced is organizing a monthly Forests Lab event. Forests Lab will be an after-hours meeting time for people to share current papers and research in forest ecology and forest health in an informal setting. For now, the meetings will be taking place over zoom, but eventually we hope to schedule them in person as a “forest pub” gathering around Nevada City/Grass Valley. All are welcome. Contact Jeff to be added to the Forests Lab email list:
  • The Sierra and Eastside Regional Prioritization Group meets on the second Friday of every month from 9:00-11:00 am, all are welcome to attend. Includes presentations on the latest in forest health science and management in the Sierra Nevada. Email Andrew Salmon to be added to the invite list.
  • UCSB masters thesis project is looking to interview land and water managers in the CABY region to better understand their priorities. The project is focused on prioritizing fuels management in areas that would have impacts on water quality, specific habitats, and reservoirs. Please contact Simone Albuquerque for a 10-30 minute interview:

  • The North Yuba Forest Partnership, a diverse group of nine organizations committed to restoring forest health, has released an online, interactive story map of the 275,000-acre North Yuba River watershed. The interactive story map highlights the human and environmental benefits of the watershed, the risks posed by high-severity wildfire, and the treatments that can be used to restore forest health and resilience and protect communities within the watershed. Learn more:


Beginning in late 2019, the Yuba River watershed became home to two Forest Health Watershed Coordinators, hosted by SYRCL and the Camptonville Community Partnership, supporting multiple planning and implementation projects seeking to improve the health of the region’s forests. To tie existing and future projects together into a cohesive strategy, one of their tasks is to build and facilitate a new watershed-wide stakeholder group to promote and implement forest health as well forest product projects throughout the watershed.

Initial conversations with local stakeholders from late 2019 to early 2020 demonstrated an existing energy and capacity for forest health projects but lacking a large-scale cohesive strategy. One particular gap identified is the need for bringing together private landowners around unified projects. The new Yuba Forest Network aims to address this need for increased collaboration by connecting stakeholders, projects, and resources in order to accelerate the pace and scale of forest health projects across the region.

Preliminary Goals

In order to efficiently support and develop current and future cross-boundary forest health projects, the Yuba Forest Network is envisioned as a central networking hub to connect resources and practitioners across the watershed. The preliminary set of goals envisioned for the group includes:

  • Develop a platform for sharing resources on permitting, contractors, project development, expertise, and monitoring protocol
  • Host a calendar of forest health related events across the watershed
  • Create a broadly accessible forest health stakeholder project map
  • Support existing institutions to promote cross boundary collaboration
  • Increase regional identity around Yuba Forests


Allison Thomson
Forest Health                 Watershed Coordinator
(530) 265-5961 ext. 231

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