Wild & Scenic Film Fest at WorldFest this weekend!

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SYRCL’s Wild & Scenic Film Festival will be at the 14th annual California WorldFest in Grass Valley, CA – July 15-18th.

Headliners for the WorldFest include Keb Mo and Ziggy Marley plus eight stages of music and dance from around the world, camping with family and friends, workshops, international food, fine crafts, and the renowned children’s program… celebrate mid-summer under the tall pines of the Sierra foothills. If you get too hot, you can jump inside the Welcome Stage for some enviro films hosted by Wild & Scenic:

International Film Evening-FRIDAY, July 16th 6:00-7:30 p.m.

The Fun Theory: Piano Staircase

Skip the escalator. Volkswagen makes it fun to take the stairs. To encourage people to take the stairs instead of the escalator, Volkswagen converted a set of stairs at a subway station in Stockholm into working piano keys. As part of the Theory of Fun campaign, which showcases efforts to get people to change by simply making things more fun. www.thefuntheory.com (US, 2009, 2min)

Edge of the Sea

In the past fifty years, 61-year-old fisherman Pauco Font has seen the white sand beaches of his Puerto Rico hometown disappearing due to erosion caused by mega developments. In 2008, Pauco and members of his community began to fight back. Grand Fest Award, Berkeley Film Fest. www.seagrantpr.com (PuertoRico/US, 2009, 26:30min)

Living Lightly

This is a magical glimpse into a world where one 21st century family lives with the land in its seasons. In a corner of New Brunswick, Canada, the craft of scything, is practiced as meditation in action. www.livinglightlythefilm.com (US, 2007, 24min)

What is That?

A touching story of a young man and his elderly father, their story coming full circle. (Greece, 2007, 5:30min)

The Fun Theory: Bottle Bank Arcade

Many of us return our plastic bottles and cans. Noticeably fewer recycle their glass. Maybe that’s because we don’t get any money in return, as we do for cans and plastic. Can we change this attitude by making recycling glass fun to do? So, you are not just rewarded with a good conscience, you also get a smile.  www.thefuntheory.com (US, 2009, 2min)

Flathead Wild

Proposed mountaintop removal mining in southeastern British Columbia, Canada is threatening one of America’s most endangered rivers and North America’s wildest remaining valley — The Flathead. This film follows the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP) as they descend on the Flathead River Valley, along with local conservation groups, to take breathtaking and iconic images of the threatened ecosystem. These images then act as tools for the Flathead coalition to help tip the scales in favor of protection and conservation. (US, 2009, 22min)

Kids/Family Film Evening-SATURDAY, July 17th 6:00-7:30 p.m.

Lady Bug Swarm

Enjoy one of the wonders of nature … and rediscover the beauty of nature through the eyes of a child. (US, 2009, 2:30min)

The Plastic Perils of the Pacific

A neurotic little crab does his part in cleaning up the ocean. www.plasticperils.com (US, 2008, 4min)

One by One, Ton by Ton: STOP Global Warming!

An educational cartoon featuring the “It’s a Jungle Out There!” Inspired by the requests of schoolteachers and non-profits, the film teaches about the causes of global warming, the current changes to the world’s ecosystems and the steps we can all take to help stop global warming. www.hippoworks.com (US, 9min)

Generations: A Perspective on Climate Change

For many, snowy winters have a deep significance – culturally, personally, and financially.  Going beyond charts and numbers, this film humanizes the debate on climate change by exploring the delicateness of winter and the intrinsic value of snow to people across generations and cultures. (US, 2009, 16min)

Young Voices on Climate Change

“If you adults won’t do something on climate change, then we kids are going to take the reins,” says young activist Shannon McComb. These kids speak directly about their concerns, knowledge, and their actions to combat climate change. (US, 2009, 12min)

A Simple Question: The Story of STRAW

Simple hope and inspiration can be found in the Stemple Watershed of Northern California. In 1992, a fourth-grade class project began that is now a remarkable program that has restored over 20 miles of habitat, galvanized the local community, and led to significant educational innovations. www.asimplequestion.org, www.bay.org (US, 2009, 35min)

V for Volunteer

A seven-year-old Sausalito girl and her dogs invite kids to volunteer in their local communities to help keep the earth healthy and green. (US, 2009, 2:22min)

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