Water Quality Data from 2010 Published at Yuba Shed

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Example of Charts from 2010 Data Report

The results of 2010 River Monitoring are now posted at Yuba Shed as an Annual Data Report with a companion set of Charts.  Volunteers collected these data at 44 sites in the watershed in 2010, monthly from March through November. The report evaluates how monitoring in 2010 met data quality standards specified in our Quality Assurance Plan.  In addition, the report summarizes measurements for which values exceeded referenced water quality standards.  The results indicate that volunteers generally collect good data, but refresher trainings and program oversight is important. Also, water quality is excellent except for a few sites where current and future monitoring will more thoroughly investigate problem conditions.

The 2011 river monitoring field season is coming to a close with only two river monitoring days left.  The 2011 data is already being evaluated for precision standards, data quality procedures, and water quality standards and will be up shortly after the last river monitoring day on November 12th.  We would like to thank our wonderful river monitors for their diligence and dedication to the River Monitoring Program at SYRCL!!

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