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“I love working with Jon! Not only does he support SYRCL and Yuba salmon through his blog, his energy in the field is limitless! He helped kick-start our Hammon Bar monitoring this spring and was a great source of local knowledge and ideas.”  – Courtney Hudson, Restoration Coordinator

Tell us a bit about yourself and your love for rivers.

A native northern Californian, I was raised in Paradise Ca. My father Bob moved the entire family there from the bay area to be closer to prime fly fishing venues, and the rich coniferous forests. In 1972 I was introduced to fly fishing by my father and that’s when the seed was planted for conservation, catch and release fishing, and being a good steward of the land and watersheds. I’ve been a licensed guide for the last 20 years with my business “Baiocchi’s Troutfitters”. I also travel the west sharing presentations with fly clubs, write for fly fishing magazines, and am currently a board member for Truckee Trout Unlimited chapter 103 working on a number of different projects. I love what I do because I’m always near rivers and lakes, and taking in the local flora and fauna.

What motivated you to take the time to be a part of SYRCL?

In 2008 I had the opportunity to do some macroinvertebrates sampling on the South Fork Yuba, and the Bear River under Wendy Thompson. The motivation to get involved stems from wanting to give back to the watersheds I love and grew up with.

What is your favorite river activity and favorite river spot?

Well of course Fly Fishing would be my favorite activity, but I also like to teach and share my knowledge of the rivers and lakes of northern California with my guests. My favorite spot would be “Richard’s Riffle” on the Little Truckee River special regulations section.

What would you say to someone about the importance and advantages of being a SYRCL member and/or volunteer?

It’s important to give back, especially as a guide who profits off the environment. Volunteering also keeps us connected to the rivers we love, and the effort put in keeps organizations like SYRCL thriving and healthy.

If you had one wish for the Yuba, what would it be?

This is a bit extreme, but I would like to see the Lower Yuba River closed to all boat traffic and fishing from August 31st to January 1st from Englebright dam to Daguerre Point dam. With no pressure to worry about, the fish could focus entirely on a productive spawn. Wild fisheries are in decline, especially the salmon and steelhead runs. It’s now or never when it comes to saving what’s left of them on the Lower Yuba River. Enhancing habitat and steady flow regimes, keeping salmon and steelhead first and foremost, is of the greatest importance.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I owe everything to my father for not only sharing the great rivers of northern California, but for his 44 year fight against state and federal agencies in the name of the fish, the bugs, and their habitat. His first formal complaint on the Lower Yuba was in 1977. He was one of the most influential men in the history of California water. To learn more about Bob Baiocchi, click here; https://www.baiocchistroutfitters.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/CaFF-Bob-Baiocchi-article.pdf

Join Jon and SYRCL at the Yuba River Jubilee on Saturday, August 12 at Hammon Grove Park on the Lower Yuba! 

The Yuba River Jubilee is not a club (Gold Country Fly Fishers) event, but a very cool and exciting free event by two fly fishing guides who want to raise awareness on their home waters. Jon Baiocchi and Lance Gray invite you to the first annual “Yuba River Jubilee” held on Saturday, August 12, 2017 from 2pm-5pm at Hammon Grove Park on the Lower Yuba River. Come and enjoy the Yuba with exhibits, tail-gate presentations, demonstrations and a raffle! This event is free to all!


Thanks to Jon for all he does for SYRCL and the Yuba!

Jon is a proud SYRCL volunteer. We invite you to join Jon and thousands of other amazing River People by becoming a member and/or volunteer today. To find out more about becoming a member, visit our membership page or contact Alena at alena@syrcl.org or 530-265-5961 ext. 220. We have many opportunities to volunteer, to find out more, visit our volunteer page or contact Jenn at jenn@syrcl.org or 530-265-5961 ext. 201.

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