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Volunteer Spotlight: Diane Cross

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Volunteer Spotlight: Diane Cross Diane Cross

This month we are spotlighting one of our most dedicated citizen scientists, Diane Cross. For over two decades, Diane has been instrumental to SYRCL’s water quality protection and monitoring efforts throughout the Yuba River Watershed. 

The key to success for SYRCL’s citizen-based science program is our volunteers who care deeply about stewardship and the accuracy of the data that they collect.  Diane has been a volunteer River Monitor and trained numerous volunteers

Over the course of her two decades as a River Monitor, she has trained other volunteers throughout the state and presented at River Science conferences. When we asked her why this work is important to her, she told us that “it is important as both a scientific information-gathering exercise” and in helping raise awareness about a “precious and rare place in California, which can be easily harmed.”

When we asked her what she wants people to know about the program, she told us something that makes our hearts sing:

“People should know that our river monitoring program is one of the most respected programs of its kind in the nation. In my role as River Monitor Trainer, I often met people who were in awe of SYRCL’s program and wanted very much to copy it in every detail.”

In addition to her work as a River Monitor, Diane has been helping the last two years as a Yuba River Cleanup Photographer by lending her keen artistic eye  lending her keen artistic eye to help capture the important work our community does to keep the Yuba beautiful. 

Thank you for two decades of service to SYRCL and the Yuba River Watershed, Diane! 

Become a Volunteer Today by Joining River Ambassadors!

SYRCL is recruiting 70 volunteers to be River Ambassadors at the South Yuba River this summer.  You can become a river steward and help protect the Yuba River from being “loved to death” by helping to educate guests about river safety and etiquette. Get involved today! River Ambassador Training  –  Wednesday, May 12th @ 6pm.  

Each weekend, a team of River Ambassadors help to set up booths and visitor signage, greet visitors, provide visitor ethics, keep trails and beaches clean, remove graffiti, hand out free River Safety Bandanas, and service as an emergency contact for visitors. 

Volunteer Today!

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