River Ambassadors

The Problem

Over half of the South Yuba River corridor is public land, managed by the California Department of Parks and Recreation (State Parks) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). State Parks has experienced severe budget cuts in recent years resulting in services being drastically reduced. With an estimated 800,000+ people visiting the South Yuba River State Park every year and the thousands of pounds of trash removed during SYRCL’s Annual Yuba River Cleanup, the River Ambassador program was developed to prevent the South Yuba River from being “loved to death.”

River Ambassadors are volunteers taking action to motivate and educate the community to care for the South Yuba River! This dedicated team promotes an ethic of responsible, non-polluting use of the river by speaking one-on-one with visitors at crossings, beaches and on trails. Using a friendly, non-confrontational approach, River Ambassadors educate folks about the polluting impacts of trash and dog waste, the dangers of broken glass, and the catastrophic potential of wildfire.

State Park staff collecting trash after the Yuba River Cleanup

Meet new friends who are passionate about the river!​

Receive comprehensive training from SYRCL and State Park staff

Inspire river stewardship at Bridgeport, 49, and Purdon Crossing.

Commit to 3-5 weekend shifts between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

2012-2021 River Ambassador Stats at a Glance

River Captains and River Ambassadors spent 6,877 hours on the river

Made contact with 60,652 South Yuba River State Park visitors about stewardship

Collected 40,751 pieces of trash, including cigarette butts, food wrappers, and glass containers

Removed 4,413 piles of dog waste

Removed 24 fire rings

Gave out 1,176 trash bags

Partners and Supporters

SYRCL extends its appreciation to the business community and to the dedicated volunteers that make this program possible. To see a full list of local businesses that sponsored our most recent Yuba River Cleanup and River Ambassador program financially, please click here. SYRCL is grateful to California State Parks for their help in creating and facilitating this program, and the South Yuba River Park Association for their support as well.