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Victory for Yuba Salmon!

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Fish Ladder at Daguerre Dam

This year salmon will have additional help when they navigate the fish ladder over Daguerre Point Dam on their way to spawning grounds in the Lower Yuba River.  Last week, federal Judge Lawrence K. Karlton directed the Army Corps of Engineers to improve fish passage at Daguerre by optimizing flows through the fish ladder, more diligently removing clogged debris, and installing protective grates to prevent poaching.  Additionally, the Army Corps is required to develop a plan for segregating spring-run salmon from stray hatchery salmon.  A recent Sacramento Bee article on the decision reports SYRCL’s lead role in this victory.  Daguerre is literally the first step in restoring salmon to the Wild and Scenic Yuba River.  Just upstream, Englebright Dam is a much higher step that keeps all salmon out of their historic range in the upper watershed.  SYRCL advocated for these interim measures in the lower Yuba to protect spring-run Chinook salmon and steelhead trout that are threatened with extinction.  Experts agree that recovery of these populations will require access to historic habitats above Englebright Dam, and SYRCL will continue to work toward that goal.  In the meantime, this new victory will benefit all Yuba River salmon, including fall-run.  Please join one of SYRCL’s autumn salmon tours to celebrate this victory for salmon and for SYRCL, and cross your fingers for a bumper salmon year in the lower Yuba!


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