Trouble for the Yuba & Bear Rivers

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dam-donationbutton-dec2016Right now the Bear River is in trouble—which means the Yuba is in trouble, too.

The local water agency is championing a project to build a 275-foot tall dam—called Centennial—on the Bear River, and create a 110,000-acre-foot reservoir.

If built, Centennial Dam would block the last six miles of free-flowing, publicly-accessible river on the Bear. It would wipe out sacred Native American sites, beloved swimming holes, public campgrounds, oak woodlands and other fish and wildlife habitat.

Is this what we want for the Bear River and our Wild & Scenic Yuba? The Yuba already loses more than half of its flow to the Bear, and a new dam could demand more.

Your gift to the Dam Watchdog Fund will
be matched by other generous donors concerned about the
fate of the Yuba and Bear Rivers

With your help, we’ll assemble a team of 1,000 Dam Watchdogs to shine a light on the project so the community knows what the dangers could be for the two watersheds.

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