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Dear Friends,

Today, our community proved that “People Can Save the State Parks!”

A delegation of over 100 people from Nevada County caravanned on the “Yuba Express” to the State Capitol and hand-delivered over 10,000 letters and petition signatures to Governor Jerry Brown, Resource Secretary John Laird, and Parks Director Ruth Coleman requesting that the South Yuba River and Malakoff Diggins State Parks be removed from the parks’ closure list.

The Yuba Express on the State Capitol Steps Celebrating an Open Park (photo by Ivy Photography)

They were greeted at the Capitol by Resource Secretary John Laird who announced that the State will keep the South Yuba State Park open (click here for press release). State Parks Director Coleman said that the leadership from Nevada County Board of Supervisors “backed by overwhelming community support” made this possible.

Since news of the parks closures last year, hundreds of people have volunteered their time and energy to collect over 10,000 signatures. SYRCL is proud of the dedicated community leaders who worked tirelessly on the “Save Our Yuba State Parks” campaign. We are proud, too, of our elected officials on the Nevada County Board of Supervisors and the City Councils of Truckee, Grass Valley and Nevada City who unanimously endorsed this successful community wide effort.

We understand that the State of California is hurting financially. We understand that protecting our state parks requires new partnerships, increased volunteerism, and new revenues such as modest parking fees. Our community accepts the necessity for the State Parks to charge for parking at Bridgeport to support the South Yuba River State Park. We applaud the leadership of Supervisor Hank Weston to collaboratively develop a solar power system to reduce operating costs at Malakoff Diggins State Park. Finally, the South Yuba River Citizens League’s hundreds of volunteers will never shy away from taking care of the Yuba River watershed we love, which is home to these two parks.

To the 10,000 signatories: thank you for your support, and because of you, the South Yuba River State Park is off the closure list!

Sincerely yours,

Caleb Dardick
Executive Director

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