Taking a Stand in Sacramento to Stop Centennial

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Go to 7:01 to see public comments opposing Centennial Dam

Last week in Sacramento, SYRCL and our allies at the Foothills Water Network stood up and challenged Centennial Dam’s request for public funding at the California Water Commission.

At the Sacramento meeting, the Nevada Irrigation District was asked point blank if there was any opposition to Centennial. We were there to say YES – opposition is extensive. With your support, we’ll continue these efforts so state officials hear this:

Projects – like Centennial Dam — that destroy cultural heritage sites, swimming and fishing holes, 2,200 acres of river canyon forests, and riparian and wetland ecosystems do not benefit the public.

Your gift today to the Stop Centennial Dam Campaign will go twice as far thanks to a matching gift challenge. We’re up against a multi-million-dollar project, and we need your financial support to maintain a full-court press, grassroots campaign. We couldn’t have made it this far without our members. Thank you for your sustained support.

P.S. We have to raise $10,435 more to qualify to matching funds. Every donation counts, and will help us take on Centennial at the state level. We have to track this irresponsible project scrupulously over the next six months at the California Water Commission and other state agencies. With membership support, we’ll shine a spotlight on every step the Nevada Irrigation District takes to pitch this project to state officials and the community.


Share with Your People

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