Action: Tell CWC to Declare Centennial Ineligible for State Funds

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UPDATE: Thank you for your support. This action is complete.

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On April 10, 2018, the California Water Commission (CWC) staff notified the Nevada Irrigation District that they will be asking the Commission to find the Centennial Dam project ineligible for the Water Storage Investment Program (WSIP) Proposition 1 funding at the May 1-3 meeting.

SYRCL, our allies, and 3,000 petition-signers agree with the CWC technical reviewers and CWC staff: Centennial Dam does not meet the requirements of this source of public funding, as outlined by the California Water Code.

Centennial would not create a net public benefit because of the environmental, cultural and economic damage the dam would bring to the Bear River. Further, it fails to provide measurable benefits to the Delta ecosystem or tributaries to the Delta.

“Centennial contradicts the goals of the Water Storage Investment Program. Affordable recreation and thriving ecosystems already exist. Trading thousands of acres of oak woodland and natural wetlands for poor quality habitat with a steep price tag is not a good deal for Californians,” said Booth, SYRCL’s Executive Director.

It’s time for the CWC to make this project officially “ineligible.” Sign on to our letter by Friday, April 27.

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