SYRCL Welcomes Two New AmeriCorps to the Team

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From September 2023 to September 2024, AmeriCorps is celebrating three decades of national service. AmeriCorps is the federal agency for national service and volunteerism. AmeriCorps provides opportunities for Americans of all backgrounds to serve their country, address the nation’s most pressing challenges, and improve lives and communities. Every year, they enroll more than 200,000 individuals to serve organizations making a difference in communities across America.

Once again, SYRCL is excited to formally welcome our newest AmeriCorps to the team.

Abby Messe — River Monitoring Coordinator

Abby grew up in Oak Park, a town in Ventura County, California where she spent much of her childhood exploring the outdoors. In June 2023 she graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies. During her college career her passion for protecting and restoring the environment grew with each class and opportunity. She took a sea turtle field course in Costa Rica and studied abroad in Ecuador immersing herself in learning about biodiversity, ecology, conservation, research, and fieldwork. At UC Santa Barbara she interned for a lab studying interactions in restored vernal pool communities. As SYRCL’s River Monitoring Coordinator Abby is excited to work with her new community to protect the beautiful Yuba River watershed.

Reed Herbison — Restoration Coordinator

Reed, a Georgia peach, grew up exploring his local neighborhood forests with friends by his side. Love for the outdoors has always been a part of his life. He graduated from the University of Georgia with a BS in Environmental Economics and Management along with a Sustainability Certificate. With an affinity for traveling, he worked as a field technician in New Orleans and New Hampshire, and he worked seasonally as a commercial fisherman in Bristol Bay Alaska. During his off seasons, he chased good weather to go climbing at crags and in the alpine mountains all across North America. Now he has landed himself in Nevada City, setting roots and seeking to be a part of this wonderful community and give back to the Sierras and the Yuba River.

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