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Stop the Idaho-Maryland Mine – Vested Rights Hearing Scheduled for 12/13/23

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In March of 2023, SYRCL presented the Nevada County Board of Supervisors with our petition signed by 1,170 individuals who said NO to Rise Gold’s proposal to reopen the Idaho-Maryland Mine. 

In May, after two days of public comments and two days of questions and deliberations, the Nevada County Planning Commission unanimously voted to recommend denying both the Final Environmental Impact Report and the use permit for the reopening of the Idaho-Maryland Mine.  The Board of Supervisors was set to consider a final vote on the mine proposal in October, but then Rise Gold came up with a new strategy. 

Rise Gold is now claiming that they have “vested rights” to mine gold at the Idaho-Maryland site. These rights would allow them to circumvent the public environmental review process and open the mine. 

The Nevada County Board of Supervisors’ public hearing to review Rise Gold’s Vested Rights Petition for the Idaho-Maryland Mine is weeks away now. It’s likely we’ll see a fresh advertising push from Rise to help fill the seats with pro-mine supporters. No doubt the ads will be filled with promises about economic opportunity and the “greenest” gold mine ever. Their recent investor communications also express extreme confidence in their vested rights petition, claiming that rights were never abandoned. 

Please join us on December 13 & possibly December 14 to help set the record straight and show Supervisors that this community is not so easily fooled by Rise’s absurd claims. 

Here’s what you can do: 

Sign the Group Letter – “Let’s Finish This. We’re asking County Supervisors to say NO to vested rights during the December meeting, then schedule a final vote on the project without further delay. 

Help fill the Board of Supervisors chambers at the vested rights hearing on December 13 (and a second day on the14th, if needed.) We’re looking for a strong showing at 9:00 am on the 13th at the Rood Center in Nevada City. The Board has made it clear they will be restricting public comment to historical testimony related to the petition only.

  • Due to the limited nature of this hearing, those wishing to comment will have three minutes, and any comment must be limited to the historical uses of the site and factual evidence of activities that have occurred on or at the site.
  • Because it is not relevant to this hearing, no public comment will be allowed regarding support or opposition to the mine, the Idaho Maryland Mine’s Draft Environmental Impact Report, the use permit, the reclamation plan, and/or any other land use entitlement, and/or any other potential impacts of the mine, or any history pertaining to Rise Grass Valley or related businesses.

If history isn’t your thing, it’s OK to take a pass on public comment this time and save it for the next hearing.  Either way, please make sure you attend the hearing!  We need to fill the room on 12/13.  

Please arrive early to make sure you get a seat inside.

Together, we can stop the Mine! 

For more information: contact Traci Sheehan, SYRCL’s Policy Manager at Traci@yubariver.org 

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