See Yuba Salmon Spawn: 2014 Salmon Tour Season Begins October 7th!

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2013 Salmon Tour Have you ever heard the story of the salmon? Have you ever seen a salmon spawn? A salmon returns to its home waters or birthplace to spawn after spending a few years on the open ocean. For Yuba Chinook Salmon, their upstream battle takes them into the San Francisco Bay, upstream to the Sacramento River, into the Feather River, until finally they find themselves home in the Lower Yuba below Englebright Reservoir. Once they reach the Lower Yuba the females begin building redds, or nests, for eggs that will be fertilized by passing males. Upon completing their reproductive mission they die, leaving behind their carcasses which contribute nutrients to their natal stream.

Fall run Chinook Salmon return to the lower Yuba each year in October and SYRCL invites you to hop into a raft or to join us on the trail to view their journey upstream firsthand. Check out our website for more information. Booking to begin soon!

School Groups: 

Please contact rachel@syrcl.org to sign up a school group for a 2014 salmon tours.

Salmon Riverbank Walking Tours (for grades K-8): Tuesdays-Thursdays October 7th-November 7th

  • Price: $5 a head

Salmon Raft Tours (for grades 3 and up): Tuesdays-Thursdays October 20th-November 7th

  • Price: $45 a head

Open to the Public:

Our public trips are a great way to learn about Salmon, issues on the lower Yuba and with the added benefit of helping keep the cost down for our school group trips. Come and enjoy a day on the river watching salmon spawn, knowing that you are helping SYRCL bring kids on the river to learn about this beautiful habitat and amazing species! Registration for public days will be online (coming soon)!

Salmon Raft Tours (ages 8 and up): $75 for SYRCL Members, $80 for non-members, $50 for kids 16 and under

Weekdays: October 15th (fun family trip during Fall Break)

Weekends: October 25th and November 1st

Salmon Riverbank Walking Tours: $10 for adults, $5 for children 16 and under

Weekend: October 11th

Weekdays: October 16th (fun family trip during Fall Break)

Adele Rife holding a dead salmon - photo by Jon Wilson
Adele Rife holding a dead salmon – photo by Jon Wilson

 SYRCL would like to thank the Teichert Foundation for supporting our 2014 Salmon Tours season! We proudly partner with Environmental Traveling Companions (ETC) and Sierra Streams Institute (SSI) on this Program. 

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