Salmon in the News This Week – Lawsuits, Dams, Commercial Fishing… & Sea Lions

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Much happening in the world of Oncorhynchus this week…

The first commercial salmon season in some years here in California got off to a slow start.  Fishermen seem to be seeing plenty of fish, they are just too small right now.

A couple of days after the season began, a group of San Joaquin Valley irrigation districts sued the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) over the opening.  The districts are concerned that if salmon numbers don’t improve, they will have to let more water into their rivers for their fish.

At the same time, the California Public Utilities Commission issued a recommendation to remove the four habitat-destroying, fish-killing dams severing the Klamath river.  The cost to ratepayers who will see less energy?  Two percent – quite the bargain for restoring a river and adding miles of vital habitat for a species that links communities, livelihoods and lives.

Last, if you are heading out for some salmon, yourself, take this under advisement:  It appears a man hauling a fish hooked by his son was dragged into the waters of the Willamette River by a California sea lion.  Just remember that quite a few critters find salmon tasty and wholesome.

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