River Monitors complete the 11th year of data collection

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Kaitlyn Hacker with some of the critical resources for the River Monitoring Program

Thanks to some very special volunteers, SYRCL has completed an 11th year of water quality monitoring throughout the Yuba Watershed. River Monitors spend one Saturday a month traveling

to a site in the Yuba Watershed to sample water and measure conditions.  Other volunteers assist with this program by maintaining equipment and caring for the data.  The program hibernates for 3 months in winter, but not before completing our work of data analysis, and celebrating the volunteers.

River Monitors will be gathering to celebrate on December 1.  We will also be honoring Kaitlyn Hacker, River Monitoring Coordinator for 2011.  Kaitlyn has completed her Americorps year of service with excellence, and continues to work on the annual data report in order to leave this program in good shape for year #12.   Training for new River Monitors will occur in March.

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