River Ambassador Program: Making a Difference on the Yuba!

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River Captain, Kelsie Greer, and River Ambassador, Meghan, talking with a visitor at 49 crossing.

The volunteer River Ambassador program just finished its second weekend on the river. So far, our Ambassadors have spoken with 463 visitors, picked up 325 bags of dog waste, and collected 81 pieces of trash like cigarette butts, plastic bags, and aluminum cans!

49 crossing visitor picking up her dog's waste.

Our mission is to create a healthy, fun, and safe environment on the Yuba River by educating visitors to pack out their trash, pick up their dog waste, prevent wildfires, and to pass on bringing glass to the river.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the volunteers over these past two weeks,” says River Captain, Kelsie Greer. “Everyone is enthusiastic and excited to share information and interact with the hundreds of people that we see at the river each day.”

Visitors at 49 crossing packing out their trash!

Visit SYRCL at the river (we’ll have a booth) and tell us why you love the Yuba River! We will be at Purdon crossing on Saturdays and 49 crossing on Sundays throughout the summer.

If you would like to become a volunteer River Ambassador contact Jessica Roberts, SYRCL’s Watershed Coordinator, at Jessica@syrcl.org or 265-5961 ext. 209.





River Captain, Andrew Collins-Anderson, and River Ambassadors, Naresh and Edward, walking the trails at Purdon crossing.

See you at the River!

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