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For 26 years, the Yuba River Cleanup has been an opportunity for individuals to give back to the community they love.  

It has also been an opportunity for area businesses, nonprofits, and other groups to unite with the community they serve in restoring and protecting our watershed. 

Is your business or group interested in being part of this movement? 

Yuba River Cleanup -- NID Team
A Team from NID

Strength in Numbers: Amplifying Impact Through Collaboration 

Picture this: hundreds of individuals, each representing a different background, profession, and skillset, all rallying around a shared goal – to restore the Yuba River to its natural glory. The Yuba River Cleanup isn’t just a cleanup; it’s a community movement that relies on the collective strength of our common purpose. 

When businesses, nonprofits, and groups form Cleanup teams, their impact multiplies exponentially – combining their strengths, resources, and passion for a cleaner environment. These teams develop a sense of camaraderie that extends far beyond the Cleanup day. From problem-solving challenges to team-based tasks, the Cleanup event offers unique opportunities for team members to collaborate in a non-traditional setting. Participating organizations also position themselves as a vibrant and active part of our community, protecting and preserving the place that we love. 

A Team from CalSolar

Businesses Being Part of a Community: Social Responsibility in Action 

In recent years, businesses have begun recognizing the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) – the commitment to give back to the communities they serve. The Yuba River Cleanup offers a perfect opportunity for businesses to showcase their dedication to environmental preservation while fostering team camaraderie and employee engagement. By having your business form a Cleanup team, your organization demonstrates its commitment to the community it serves. 

“Each year, our team at Yuba Water Agency participates in the cleanup, and it’s one of our favorite events of the year. It aligns perfectly with our mission, but there’s something about rolling up our sleeves and getting a little dirty outside with our colleagues in an effort to improve and protect this incredible asset we all love so much… that just bonds you as a team to each other – and to our mission.” 

DeDe Cordell, communications manager for Yuba Water Agency 
A Team from Yuba Water Agency

Nonprofits In Action: Furthering their Mission of Service 

Local nonprofits, already deeply rooted in community service, find the Yuba River Cleanup to be an extension of their ongoing efforts. By joining the cleanup as a team, area nonprofits can expand their reach, connect with like-minded individuals and organizations, and magnify their positive influence in the community

A Team from BriarPatch

Register Your Team: Be a Leader in your Community 

The Yuba River Cleanup isn’t just an event; it’s a community experience that unites, empowers, and ignites change. Area businesses, nonprofits, and groups all have a role to play in the movement to preserve the Yuba River’s natural splendor.  

By registering your organization’s team for the Cleanup, you’re not just making a commitment to a cleaner environment – you’re investing in a legacy of stewardship in your community that will resonate for generations to come.  

Register your organization’s team today and be a part of the transformative impact of the Yuba River Cleanup. 

Share with Your People

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