Englebright Dam 2011

Preparing for the Summer: We Need You May 17th at Englebright

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This Summer promises to be a big one for the salmon campaign! With so many goings-on (Army Corps management, YCWA, PG&E and NID relicensing, the Fisheries Service’s biological opinion), we have a great opportunity to spread the word and gain support for decisions that reconnect salmon with the river and the mountains.

But we can’t do this alone: A community must drive this effort to turn those in power toward the right decisions. This Summer, we plan to canvas the river, educate and activate our community leaders, and move the need for salmon in the watershed to the forefront.

The first step is to gather together those of you who love the Yuba and love salmon, those who understand what we are missing in our watershed and in our hearts, those of you who want to make a difference in the lives of the mountains. We need your experiences and expertise, your passion and drive.

On May 17th at 10 am, SYRCL will begin a campaign to effect specific changes in the management of our river, and we will begin this with a meeting and announcement at Englebright Dam. We hope to take this time to provide background on the issues, hear your ideas about how to effect change, and mobilize around a number of opportunities in the Summer. We also hope to use this day to show the region and California just how much we love the river and hope to see it restored.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can dramatically move the cause for salmon and the Yuba, please contact Joshua Stark, the Salmon Campaign manager, at (530)-470-3680, or by email at Joshua@syrcl.org.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Carpooling will be available at the KMart parking lot on McCourtney Road.

Share with Your People

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