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The tagline of SYRCL’s Wild & Scenic Film Festival is “where activism gets inspired”.  

Every year during the festival, SYRCL has an environmental action important to our watershed’s health. In 2023, we asked festival attendees to sign a petition to the Nevada County Board of Supervisors asking them to say “No” on the reopening of the Idaho-Maryland Mine

Wild and Scenic Film Festival, Saturday February 18 , 2023 — photo by Mike Shea

This year we will be asking our membership and festival attendees to sign a letter to Governor Newsom and the State Water Board.

We want to make sure, as part of the process to update the Bay-Delta Plan, that enough water flows through the Delta and to the Golden Gate Bridge to protect salmon and other native species.  

We are actively recruiting volunteers to help us spread the word during the Film Festival. 

NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED, although friendly, passionate advocates encouraged to sign-up.

Interested in available shifts? Call 530-265-5961 for support or click the link here to learn more:

The Environmental Action Table Training place in-person and online on Tuesday, February 6, 5:30pm-7:00pm at the SYRCL Office.

If you’re already signed up for an Environmental action table, or are interested in learning more, please sign-up for the training here.

Environmental Action Table Training

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The Yuba River and the Bay Delta are connected by more than water. They are also linked by the migration of salmon, which depend on both habitats for their survival. These fish provide food, recreation, and cultural value for millions of Californians. The water that is crucial to these ecosystems also grows the food we eat and powers our homes. Balancing the demands on California’s limited water supply is a complex challenge.   

The Yuba River contributes to the water quality, quantity, and timing of the flows in the Sacramento River and the Bay Delta. Water travels from the Yuba into the Feather and then into the Sacramento. Fresh water flowing through the estuary keeps the Bay-Delta ecosystem thriving. Flows and temperature in the lower Yuba River are critical for juvenile salmon growth while they are in the Yuba. Flows and temperature also contribute to a salmon’s successful journey out to the Delta.    

In our letter, we are asking Governor Newsom and the State Water Board to let more of the water that flows through the Yuba and Sacramento Rivers make it out to the Golden Gate. This is the healthy alternative to the economy and ecosystem of the Bay Delta Region, it is also good for salmon, a threatened keystone species. 

If you would like to volunteer at SYRCL’s Environmental Action Tables during this year’s Wild & Scenic Film Festival (February 15 – 19), CLICK HERE

We will be releasing the letter for you to sign in the coming weeks. To find out more, contact SYRCL’s Policy Manager, Traci Sheehan at traci@yubariver.org or (530) 265-5961 ext. 203.


The Yuba River and the Bay Delta: A Vital Connection for Salmon and our Communities • SYRCL 

The Yuba River and the Bay Delta: A Vital Connection for Salmon • SYRCL 

The Yuba River and the Bay Delta: From Source to Sea — The Journey of Yuba Water to the Golden Gate • SYRCL 

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  1. George Olive says:

    Hey you Salmon and Sturgeon and Steelhead Lovers … this is GREAT stuff. I am so very proud to be a Board member at an organization that is so clear-headed, professional and progressive.

    Go get’em!

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