Hundreds Attend Centennial Dam Meetings

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Reminder: Submit your comment letters to NID by 4/18

Nearly 400 people attended two public scoping meetings about NID’s Centennial Dam proposal on March 9th and 10th. Dozens of speakers expressed their concerns about the project’s potential impacts on the environment and surrounding community. NID hosted these meetings so that the public could comment and learn more about the proposal to build a new 275-foot tall dam and 110,000 acre-foot reservoir on the Bear River between the existing Rollins and Combie Reservoirs.

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“SYRCL is very concerned about the Centennial Dam proposal and we have many questions about its potential negative impacts on the Yuba River. Half of the South and Middle Yuba River water already gets diverted to the Bear River, and Centennial could demand more. We want NID to tell us to what extent this project will rely on water from the Yuba River watershed.” said Caleb Dardick, SYRCL’s Executive Director, at the first public meeting.

“SYRCL’s position is that in a time of record drought and climate change we need creative solutions to address our local water needs, and we want to know if there are better ways for NID to meet its future water needs rather than construct a big, expensive new dam.” Dardick continued.

SYRCL, working in coordination with the Foothills Water Network (FWN), has been actively mobilizing the community to attend these meetings and to submit written comments as well. NID granted SYRCL and FWN’s request for a 30-day extension, extending the comment period through Monday, April 18. (For sample talking points, please review this FAQ & short guide to writing comment letters.)

Comments can be sent to:
Lisa Francis Tassone, Board Secretary
Nevada Irrigation District (NID)
1036 W. Main Street
Grass Valley, CA 95945
Phone: 530-273-6185 ext. 2221, Fax: 530-477-2646

NOTE: For emailed comments, please include “NOP scoping for Centennial Reservoir Project EIR” in the subject line.

Please help us track the impact we are having by forwarding a copy of your letter to Traci Sheehan, FWN Coordinator at traci@foothillswaternetwork.org. Please feel free to contact Traci to get on our mailing list or to get more involved with our coalition.

SAVE THE DATE: Have you visited the Bear River lately? Take a tour with Bear advocate Otis Wollan on April 1-4th. For more information: www.savebearriver.com/bear-river-event.html

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