Hike with Hank Meals in the Little Town of Washington

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When: November 21, 2015

Where: Maybert Rd. to Doolittle Trail in Washington

What: 6.5-7 mile hike led by Hank Meals

Join SYRCL for an exciting watershed hike with local author, historian, archaeologist and Yuba trails expert Hank Meals Saturday, November 21!

On this excursion, we will follow a portion of the historic Maybert Road in the Little Town of Washington to the Doolittle trail. This route will climb approximately 1,600 ft from the South Yuba River to the narrow ridge separating the river and Canyon Creek. This sustained climb is full of switchbacks and well-earned splendid views. This trek is at an intermediate hiking level and is approximately 6.5-7 miles in length.

Grinding Rock

If you are interested in learning more about the local history of what is today the Little Town of Washington you will not want to miss this adventure.

We will visit two sites important to the Native Americans who inhabited this region, including the site pictured above of the grinding rock. Along the way, we will also visit historic hard rock and placer mining locations and see hefty rock retaining walls on the upper road. This guided hike will be full of educational, entertaining stories as well as terrific views of gorgeous South Yuba River territory.

This hike is family friendly.

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