Healthy Forests for a Healthy Watershed

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In the new era of extreme weather and wildfires our beloved Sierra Nevada mountains have been hit hard by the threat of wildfire. During the 18th Annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival, an entire film session and panel discussion on this topic is presented, called “Climate of Change”. This film session highlights California’s fight to protect our land and our community from severe wildfire by maintaining the health of our forests.

Check out these film previews on the wildfire crisis and find out how you can take action during the festival to protect our forests. If you would like to catch this unique film programming, purchase your evening session ticket or festival pass today!  

“Climate of Change” Session Features Films:

Two Session Showings:

  • Friday Jan. 17 – Veterans Memorial Hall – Start 8pm – followed by panel discussion
  • Sunday Jan 19 – Gold Miner’s Inn – Start 1:30pm 

Watch This Sneak Peek of ‘Not If But When: Wildfire Solutions’

2020 Official Selection – Radu Sava, Rebekah Hood-Sava | 2019 | 39 min.

Caption: Wildfires are becoming a global phenomenon and California is one of the places hit the hardest because of its dry climate. Experts in the Sierra Nevada are taking on innovative solutions at an unprecedented scale and if they are successful, it could influence work around the world.

Why is wildfire such a high threat in our Yuba watershed?

Many forests in California’s headwaters are considered unhealthy, particularly in the Yuba River watershed. Prior to the Gold Rush, forests in the Yuba watershed consisted of patches of vegetation that served as wildlife habitat, and large, widely spaced trees that were more resilient to fire. 

Today, due to fire suppression and historic land management practices, many forests are like thickets — and this has increased the threat of high-severity wildfire. In the new era of climate change, a catastrophic wildfire in any portion of the watershed would endanger our water security and the land and communities so dear to us. It could char acres of forest and fill miles of river with ash and debris. 

Healthy forests alleviate those dangers, increase water supply, and reduce risk of soil loss and reservoir sedimentation. This makes restoration actions and adaptive management in the Yuba River watershed more important than ever before

Take Action for Healthy Forests During Film Festival

Volunteers are needed to help spread the word about the importance of forest health in the Yuba watershed.  During the Wild & Scenic Film Festival our Environmental Action volunteers are stationed at every theater to teach festival guests about SYCRL’s work protecting our forests, why and how we are developing healthier forests, and how guest can take action to get involved.

Volunteer for the Environmental Action Tables today!


Watch this Sneak Peek of ‘ California’s Watershed’

2020 Official Selection – James Thebaut | 2019 | 27 min.

Caption: California’s Watershed explores the critical social and ecological importance of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the far-reaching national security consequences of its rapidly evolving demise. California’s Watershed demonstrates the constant dangerous threat of wildfires and its impact on lives, property and wildlife while underscoring logical Forest Management solutions to restore the watershed.

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