Earth Weekend Backyard BioBlitz 2021: Report Out

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On Earth Day last year, SYRCL called on our community to get outside and explore nature within their own backyards for a BioBlitz. We had such an overwhelming response that we brought it back again this year for the weekend following Earth Day.

While we wish we could have been with you all identifying species in person, participants living in the Yuba, Bear, and American Watersheds documented an extraordinary amount of plant, animal, and fungi observations near their homes.

Throughout all three watersheds, 176 citizen-scientists participated in the 2021 Earth Day Backyard BioBlitz, logging over 800 observations on iNaturalist.  This year, the species with the most observations was the White Globe Lily with a total of 15 logged observations. The Pipevine Swallowtail was the most observed animal, with 9 observations. If you are feeling motivated, you could learn about one species per day while gearing up for next year’s Earth Day!

While the BioBlitz may be over, the fun doesn’t have to stop. You can still use iNaturalist to make species observations at any time. Every observation you add contributes to an extensive citizen science database that scientists can then use to learn more about the plants, animals, and fungi all around us.

On behalf of us here at SYRCL, we wanted to thank all of you that participated in contributing your knowledge, time and energy to help us better understand what species we have in our local watersheds. Our fingers are crossed for an in-person BioBlitz next year with all of you!

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