Autumn at the Yuba by Robert Zenobi

Autumn at the Yuba River: A Soundtrack

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Autumn is one of our favorite seasons at SYRCL.

River season has ended, our Annual Yuba River Cleanup has successfully removed approximately 10,000 pounds of trash from the watershed, our fieldwork projects are wrapping up for the year, our Education Department is bringing students down the Lower Yuba on Salmon Expeditions, the fall run Chinook are doing their thing, the risk of a catastrophic wildfire begins to abate, the air is cooler, the light is amazing, and the Yuba keeps flowing.

In celebration of the season, SYRCL’s Community Engagement Manager and KVMR DJ, Maddie Davis, has put together a playlist of evocative songs from both local and international artists to listen either when you are out at the river or snuggled up at home.


(photo credit: Robert Zenobi)

Winds felt from atop the Old Hwy 49 Bridge, leaves changing color and landing on the river’s edge, slowly drifting downstream.

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  1. Peter Wiley says:

    Thanks for everything you do regarding cleaning up the trash/garbage on South Yuba River. I monitor parts of the river: Soda Springs to Big Bend and a bit South where it passes under I 80. Surprisingly, it’s pretty clean, devoid of trash. Long may it flow. Of course notching the dam at Lake/Reservoir Van Norden had serious deleterious effects on the seasonal viability of the river. Without the dam the river is dry most of late Spring and Summer. Too bad. There goes the aquatic habitat. No fish. No crickets. No mayflies. No crayfish. Etc. Vis a Vis aquatic life. Thank South Yuba whatever you call yourselves. Keep that grant money flowing. 7 million more?! Maybe someday you’ll consult with folks who know that body far better than you will ever.

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