Artwork Revealed for 2019 Wild & Scenic Film Festival

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We are pleased to reveal the official artwork for the 2019 Wild & Scenic Film Festival, created by graphic designer and artist Lawrence Lander! Festival Producer, Jorie Emory, had the opportunity to chat with Lawrence about his vision for the poster.

Click here for a closer look at this year’s artwork!

JE: Tell us about yourself. Who is Lawrence Lander?

LL: My title is Art Director at Peak Design. I’ve been at Peak for three years, and I oversee our visual identity, strategic brand discussions, and work with my team on the products we make. I studied Design in grad school at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco, and have my undergrad degree in Photo Journalism from the University of Texas in Austin. I enjoy doing side projects as a way to stretch my legs. I attended Wild & Scenic in 2018 with some of my colleagues from Peak, so I have a familiarity with the Festival and was excited to work on the poster for 2019.

JE: Can you walk us through the artwork you created for the 2019 Wild & Scenic Film Festival?

LL:   In my experience, posters have to hook the viewer and then engage the viewer. I like the idea of bringing someone in and then keeping them engaged by including lots of smaller details that reveal themselves upon closer look.

With this poster design, there’s a lot going on!  The focal point is the map, which is a type of projection map I have always liked as a beautiful way of showing the interconnectedness of all the landmasses. The shape of countries and continents becomes a symbol of those continents. I played with the familiarity of these shapes, but with unexpected delightfulness.

Riffing further on maps, I included some artist illustrations of the Yuba River and public lands that surround in the area, highlighting areas that are protected. Echoing the river from the bottom right, I combined a mix of imagery of vegetation, to the design to add some vitality, and make it come alive. There are several overlays of maps of California from a variety of eras, including the Gold Rush, to reference different relationships with the land over time.

I included a few other California references to acknowledge Wild & Scenic Film Festival’s roots in California and the universal appeal of Californians putting our best face forward, including California poppies and the bear hiker.

I added the knitting imagery to reference interconnectedness and the work of humans, relating to the work needed for protection and conservation.

And of course, the film reels, because this is a film festival! I like the antiquated version of the old film reels because I think the symbol is powerful, playful, with some reverence of the media.

Overall, there’s not a wrong way to interpret it. Create your own adventure! Insert your own stories!

JE: Your artwork uses a lot of collage-style imagery. Can you tell us about your approach to art and design? Why collage?

LL:  I use collage to push myself as a designer. Many designers create images that are beautiful or simple or modern and don’t ask “why.” I go to the opposite end of the spectrum, pulling together lots of components to to make something beautiful that communicates an idea. I like that two different things, when added together, create this new third thing. It’s like magic.

JE: Our Festival’s tagline is “Where activism gets inspired.” What inspires you?

LL: I’m totally inspired by when human beings do good. I love the outdoors and spent a lot of time in National Parks with my family. At some point, I realized that these places are only possible through a concerted effort of human beings to protect them. For me, it’s hopeful. We have already accomplished good things, and we can continue that. This is all a big part of why I work at Peak Design. We are trying to create a new paradigm. If this inspires others, it’s a good thing!

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Join us January 17-21, 2019 for the Wild & Scenic Film Festival. Come watch inspiring films and connect with filmmakers, artists, and activists who are making change in our world.

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