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I am not sure which cleanup site to choose. Where can I learn more about each cleanup site and restoration project?  

Find your site of interest and learn more about site specifics (here). The registration page (here) includes site descriptions with directions. If you need additional information about a site, please reach out to Maddie Davis at 

How many people can I register for the event?  

You can register yourself for the event, and up to an additional 4 people. Each person requires an individual sign-up in order for us to have a correct count of remaining volunteer positions and supplies for each site. 

Can I sign-up on behalf of a group? 

 If you’re looking to register more than 5 people at once, or are coordinating an organization, business, club, or other affiliate group, please fill out the group registration form, and the Community Engagement Team will reach out with more information and final details. 

When does volunteer registration for the Cleanup close?  

Volunteer registration for the Cleanup closes Wednesday, September 20. However, we encourage you to sign up by September 15th to receive a lunch ticket. Begin the volunteer registration process (here).  

Are there fees to register to volunteer?  

No, there are no registration fees to volunteer for the Cleanup. 

I have registered to volunteer. How do I fundraise for the Cleanup?  

Please ask your friends and family to give to the Cleanup as a way to honor your volunteer time. The donation page is here: Give to the 2023 Yuba River Clean-a-thon! • SYRCL 

What should I wear for the cleanup?  

Please wear sturdy footwear, work clothes, gloves, sunscreen, and a hat. Some sites may require long sleeves or long pants to protect you from blackberries, poison oak, or other plants.  

What should I expect when I arrive at my site on the morning of the Cleanup?  

All participants should arrive at their site by 9:00am, unless otherwise noted. Your Site Captain will sign you in, collect liability waivers, and distribute supplies if you are unable to bring your own. 

Site Captains will provide a short safety briefing and distribute cleanup supplies like latex gloves, trash and recycling bags, data cards, and pencils.  

Then, you’ll be directed toward the most impacted and highest priority areas at your site for cleanup. This might include walking over dirt, gravel, sand, boulders, rocks, and water, depending on where you choose to clean. You can go at your own pace and physical ability; take time to carefully clean as much trash (big and small) as you can. While you clean, have a buddy collect data about the pieces of trash that you’re collecting (size, type, weight, etc.) and trade off as you see fit. You may clean for the full three hours (taking breaks as needed and helping with photo opportunities!) or you might finish cleaning your site in just an hour or two. In any case, once you’re done cleaning, you’ll return your tallied data card to your site leader, help haul out the trash to the nearest disposal location, and then head back to join the Cleanup Party or rest after all of your hard work!  

What supplies should I bring?  

JOIN the Bring Your Own movement; help us organize a zero-waste event.  

Cleanup: If you have one, please bring your own trash bucket, “litter-getter”, and reusable gloves. If not, we’ll do our best to share available supplies, although quantities are limited. 

Volunteer Appreciation Party: Please bring your own mess-kit for lunch, non-glass pint cup and reusable water bottle. Thank you for bringing your own materials to keep event-generated waste to a minimum.  

Do I need to complete a liability waiver form?  

Yes, all volunteers must sign a liability waiver. You electronically sign the waiver in English:

or in Spanish:

 or complete a printed waiver upon arrival at your site. Participants under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian’s signature. Children under the age of 16 must have an adult chaperone present at the event. 

Share with Your People

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