Give to the 2023 Yuba River Clean-a-thon!

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Share with Your People

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  1. Rulik Perla says:

    Thank you for keeping the Yuba River beautiful

  2. Vicki Olds says:

    Today, I had the honor of being a volunteer Site Manger for efforts by other South Yuba River Citizens League aka SYRCL (pronounced “circle”) vols to defrock Jones Bar of garbage, truck tires, gum wrappers, plastic irrigation pipes and other MOOP — aka “matter out of place”. Burners employ the term “moop” for final clean-up after Burning Man’s annual Black Rock City community production, itself an ephemoral Brigadoon on the vast Nevada Black Rock Desert, itself an ancient +10,000 years-dry lake bed. The Yuba River is breathtaking and worth every and all effort$, big and small, to keep it WILD, un-dammed, and pristine.

    y e s

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