Action Alert: Scoping Comments on Nevada County’s Cannabis Ordinance

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For the past four years, SYRCL has worked to inspire the community to engage in sustainable and ecologically sound cannabis cultivation in the Yuba watershed through a program called “Growing Green for the Yuba.” Our scientists and concerned community members recognize that the overuse of chemical pesticides and herbicides, diversion and storage of water, and alteration of the terrain and vegetation lead to pollution and algae blooms in our streams and rivers, loss of late season stream flow, and the inadvertent poisoning of wildlife.

Recently, Nevada County announced they will be initiating an environmental review process for their cannabis ordinance, as required by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The CEQA process provides this community an opportunity to comment on the ordinance, and in the process educate and inform the community about the environmental effects of local cannabis cultivation on the Yuba River watershed.

Want your voice to be heard? Let the County hear your opinion by writing a comment letter. Not sure what to put in a comment letter? Attend a FREE Public Comment Workshop Tuesday September 4th, hosted by SYRCL and Nevada County Cannabis Alliance, to learn what should go into Scoping comments and what important impacts cannabis cultivation has on our community.

What: Public Comment Workshop: Scope of the Nevada County Cannabis Ordinance
When: Tuesday, Sept. 4th  3:30-4:30pm
Where: Gene Albaugh Community Room, Madelyn Helling Library
Why: To make sure local laws help our communities grow green for the Yuba.

Comment Deadline: September 10th at 5PM, but send your comments early! Come to the workshop to learn more.

SYRCL’s vision is that people will see that well-regulated agriculture – which is what cannabis cultivation should be – should not harm water quality, fish or wildlife. We’re addressing the sustainable cultivation issue through workshops such as these, and participating in additional collaborative leadership, science, stewardship and education. As a community we can educate each other to ensure cannabis is grown in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way.

Nevada County’s EIR Notice of Preparation can be found here, as well as a copy of the full draft ordinance here. For more information and updates, check out SYRCL’s Cannabis Impacts page and Nevada County’s Cannabis Conversation page.

Nevada County Cannabis Alliance’s call to action can be found here.

Questions about the event? Please feel free to contact SYRCL’s River Policy Manager, Ashley Overhouse at ashley@yubariver.org or call (530)265-5961 ext. 215.

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