Yuba Watershed Sensitive and Invasive Species Watch Program

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The River Monitoring Program has a new addition: the Yuba Watershed Sensitive and Invasive Species Watch Program.  Documenting sensitive and invasive species is an integral part to supporting SYRCL’s mission to protect and restore the Yuba Watershed.  The list includes ten invasive species selected for adverse affects on the health of the watershed; thus it is crucial for monitors to be on the look-out for these species in order to stop their spread and help plan eradication efforts.  The sensitive and native species on the list need more protection due to impaired habitat.  The distribution of sensitive species within the watershed needs to be more thoroughly understood in order to prioritize protection and habitat restoration efforts.

A Species of Concern: Foothill Yellow Legged Frog

Volunteer River Monitors have been collecting scientifically valid water quality data on a monthly basis for eleven years.  The new Species Watch program will expand the scope of information being collected and help citizens of the Yuba River Watershed provide better stewardship, protection and restoration.  See below for the list of species as well as instructions as to how to obtain a confirmed sighting and how to report it back to SYRCL. 

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