Wild & Scenic Film Festival 2023 Official Artwork Reveal

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SYRCL’s Wild & Scenic Film Festival inspires environmental activism and a love for nature–through film.  This is the festival’s 21st edition – taking place in person February 16-20, 2023.  

This year, Wild & Scenic’ s theme is CommUNITY which focuses on the importance of approaching challenges as a unified community and reflects the significance of grassroots movements in protecting nature for future generations. 

The 2023 Official Artwork for the Wild & Scenic Film Festival by Shar Tuiasoa vividly celebrates the “CommUNITY” theme. Shar is a freelance illustrator based in Kailua, Oahu. After studying Fine Art at her local community college for 6 years, Shar moved to California to earn her BFA in Illustration. She moved back to Hawaii shortly after and started Punky Aloha Studio in the summer of 2018. 

Shar’s studio, Punky Aloha Studio houses various branches of illustration work, ranging from Murals, Freelance and Client work, Product Sales, Fine Art, and Licensing. Shar has worked as a freelance illustrator with multiple editorial clients on Oahu including Honolulu Magazine, Hawaii Magazine, and Hawaii Business Magazine. She has also created work for local organizations and businesses like Liliokalani Trust, Honolulu Museum of Art, and Foodland. 

Besides that, Shar has created artwork for big companies like Apple, Facebook, Disney, Pixar, AT&T, Sephora, Benefit Cosmetics, and The New York Times and is currently working on her first of two picture books as an author and illustrator for Harper Kids, an imprint of Harper Collins. 

When she is not creating illustrations for books, magazines, and product packaging, Shar also sells a wide range of art prints and products in her online shop, in retailers throughout Hawai’i, Japan, and in the Mainland of the US. 

The Wild & Scenic Film Festival is excited to share Shar’s art as representational of the “CommUNITY” theme. They are also excited to return to a full, 5-day in-person festival from February 16-20th and they hope to see you there, too. 

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