Who Will Talk to the 1,000th River Visitor?

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Kelsie, Katherine and Meghan, River Captain and Ambassador at Highway 49 Crossing

Join the vibrant and fun team of volunteer River Ambassadors TODAY and help us educate our1,000th  river visitor this weekend! The River Captains and volunteer River Ambassadors have been walking the trails and greeting visitors from all over the world from Peru to Germany at Purdon and Highway 49 Crossing every weekend since July 4 about packing their trash out, picking up their dog waste, preventing wildfires, and to pass on bringing glass to the river!

In just 3 weekends (and July 4th Holiday), SYRCL’s River Ambassadors have spoken with 965 visitors, picked up 457 bags of dog waste, and collected 126 pieces of trash.

Naresh, River Ambassador at Purdon Crossing

According to volunteer River Ambassador Rick Sharkey, “It is interesting and fun to meet and talk with visitors to the river  from out of the area. The public response to the River Ambassador program has been overwhelmingly positive and people frequently tell us how much they appreciate us being there and SYRCL’s overall efforts, too. All in all, being a River Ambassador reinforces my belief there is never a ‘bad day’ at the river!  I really encourage others to come and volunteer to be a River Ambassador and have a great time with us!”

The program concludes September 15th  with a volunteer celebration at Bridgeport, the day of the our annual Greater Yuba River Cleanup and Restoration Day.  We are asking new volunteers to commit to three (3-hour) shifts on either Saturday or Sunday morning or afternoon.

Help us continue this outstanding pilot program and become a volunteer River Ambassador TODAY by contacting Jessica Roberts, SYRCL’s Watershed Coordinator to join the team at Jessica@syrcl.org or 265-5961 ext. 209.


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