What is Restoration and What Does it Mean for the Yuba River Watershed?

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SYRCL recently teamed up with the team at Scout Creative to produce a short film about SYRCL’s restoration work. From the meadows of the headwaters to the Yuba Goldfields of the lower Yuba River, plus our wildfire mitigation work as part of the North Yuba Forest Partnership, this work helps to not only protect the watershed from further degradation, it also allows for habitat restoration, fire safety, carbon sequestration, and better watershed resiliency in the face of climate change. 

We also talk about the value of partnerships, how our work is a boon to the local economy, and the importance of community participation. 

This short features Aaron Zettler-Mann, SYRCL’s Watershed Science Director, Kat Perlman, SYRCL’s Forest Conservation Program Manager, Alecia Weisman, SYRCL’s Watershed Science Program Manager, and Daniel Elkin, SYRCL’s Communications and Engagement Director. 

Watch the film below in its entirety and then let us know what you think! 

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