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The SYRCL team has swum upstream…to 313 Railroad Avenue in Nevada City.  After 16 years on Main Street, we are excited for adventures in our spacious new digs.

We’d like to invite you to our OPEN HOUSE on SEPTEMBER 9 from 5-7pm where you can take a tour, enjoy refreshments, and reconnect with your local river conservation organization.  The new building is still near downtown, offers twice the space, and doesn’t cost SYRCL more for rent.  There is ample free, off-street parking, too!  We hope you’ll join us.

As you all know, moves don’t just happen; they take a ton of work and ours wouldn’t have been so smooth weren’t for coordination efforts by Jane Theobald and help of dozens of volunteers.  Special thanks go out to: Holly Ahrens, Glenn Armintrout, Ray Binner, Joann Chatlien, David Cross, Kenneth Day, Jeanne Duerst, Hilary Emberton, Donald Hess, Sharon Lane, Bo Littig, Charlie Luckinbill, Pam Marsh, Dai Maegher, Karl McArthur, Holly Mitten, Terra Nyssa, Judy Patton, Paul Portch, Jane Reidel, Rand Reidel, Susie Richards with Sperry Van Ness (she found us our new home!), Craig Rohrsen, Andrew Sellery, Cathy Scott, Vic Scott, Darlene Spjut,  Lucetta Swift, Dave Wills, Mark Wilson, Jim Wofford, and Jeannie Wood.

Share with Your People

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