Volunteer Spotlight: Georgette Aronow – SYRCL Board Member, Treasurer

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Georgette Aronow and her family for volunteer spotlight -Theo - Gabe - Georgette - Zoey
Theo, Gabe, Georgette and Zoey Aronow

The SYRCL staff and board are blessed to have such incredibly talented, dedicated, and passionate volunteers and Georgette stands out as a shining star as the treasurer of the board for the past 4 years!  We are humbled and honored to introduce her to you.

1. How long have you lived in Nevada County and with whom?
I moved to Nevada County/City in July 2003 to be with my sweetie Gabe, who is a long time resident. At the time I was living in Roseville. It wasn’t a hard sell to get me to relocate to Nevada City.

2. What motivated you to become a SYRCL board member – is there an aspect of our mission that motivated you to want to volunteer?
I have always been drawn to rivers and mountains. When I first visited Gabe up here he took me to the Yuba River for a hike on a beautiful crisp Sunday in January. I was amazed at the river’s clarity, stunning colors, and amazing rock formations. It has been a great honor volunteering for SYRCL, an organization that has done so much to protect our watershed.

3. In what capacity have you participated on the SYRCL Board and for how long?
I have been on the Board for four years now as Treasurer. It has been a challenging job, trying to help maintain SYRCL’s finances in a downward economy, particularly when I first joined SYRCL. But with Caleb’s leadership I think SYRCL will continue to grow and thrive.

4. What is your favorite place in the Yuba Watershed?
There are so many beautiful places along the Yuba Watershed. Our favorite is to hike in a ways at Purdon. There are some amazing swimming water holes!

5. What do you enjoy about being on the SYRCL Board?
The best thing about being on the SYRCL Board are the amazing people…staff, volunteers, and fellow board members. It has been a privilege to work and get to know so many of the faces of SYRCL.

6. What are some of your hobbies, interests/passions?
My main interest/passion is photography. I am a portrait and wedding photographer. Some day, perhaps once my kids are bigger, I hope to develop some skill at landscape photography, and the Yuba offers some amazing riverscapes to photograph!

7. What do you like to do at the river?
I LOVE to take my kids to the River. Seeing them swim and enjoying the River is so rad!

8. What is your wish for the river?
I have been hearing more and more complaints within the community about how crowded and overrun the Yuba can be during the summer months. My wish for the river is that the people that come from near and far will see what a treasure it is for our community and do everything they can to safe guard it. I love the River Ambassador program because it helps educate visitors about how to be good stewards of the River. It is my hope that program can find stable funding and continue on, as it is so critical to continue to educate folks about preserving and protecting this community treasure.

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