Volunteer Spotlight: Ellen Clephane

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SYRCL: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Ellen Clephane, SYRCL Volunteer & Member

Ellen: I love the beauty of Nature in all her wondrous forms! Some of my happiest times are out in the wilds–hiking, camping, swimming, cross-country skiing, or simply sitting on a mountain top or by a river, lake or ocean, and communing with the magnificence of creation. At home, growing flowers and vegetables in my garden is a delight as well.

I also love working with people. After years as a counselor, educator and workshop leader, my focus now is on embodying more love and compassion in daily life and serving others who are also awakening and evolving spiritually. Changing the world starts within ourselves and our relationships. Overall, I feel such gratitude for the ever-flowing blessings of life and want to share that in my world.

SYRCL: What is your involvement with SYRCL, and why do you take the time to give to this organization?

Ellen: My husband and I have been SYRCL members for quite a few years and started volunteering in 2014. We have worked in the office and with the film festival, river clean-up and river ambassador program–and enjoy it all. SYRCL is an organization of conscious, caring people who are committed to preserving the treasure of our beautiful Yuba watershed. It’s been a joy to serve that mission, along with so many wonderful beings in this community who love the Earth as we do.

SYRCL: What is your favorite river activity and favorite river spot?

Ellen: Each area along the river has its own flavor and beauty. I couldn’t choose one favorite spot. I love walking on trails by the river and then finding a quiet place to swim and enjoy the miracle of life all around me.

SYRCL: If you had one wish for the Yuba, what would it be?

Ellen: I wish for it to forever be maintained as a pristine river, with salmon swimming in crystal clear waters, the shorelines free of trash, and people enjoying this gift from Mother Nature with greatest appreciation and respect.


Thanks to Ellen for all she does for SYRCL and the Yuba!

Ellen is a proud SYRCL member and volunteer. We invite you to join Ellen and thousands of other amazing River People by becoming a member and/or volunteer today. To find out more about becoming a member, visit our membership page or contact Lyndly at lyndly@syrcl.org or 530-265-5961 ext. 220. We have many opportunities to volunteer, to find out more, visit our volunteer page or contact Jenn at jenn@syrcl.org or 530-265-5961 ext. 201.

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