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SYRCL recently teamed up with the folks at Scout Creative to produce a video about SYRCL’s various restoration initiatives. They also helped us put together a number of video shorts about important River Science issues and terminology. Here are three:

We use the term “Yuba River Watershed” a lot when talking about our work. But not everyone knows what we mean when we say the word “watershed”. Here, Aaron Zettler-Mann, SYRCL’s Watershed Science Director, Kat Perlman, SYRCL’s Forest Conservation Program Manager, and Alecia Weisman, SYRCL’s Watershed Science Program Manager, answer the question, “What is a Watershed?”

Healthy headwaters are crucial to a healthy Yuba River Watershed. But what are headwaters? SYRCL’s Watershed Science Program Manager, Alecia Weisman, helps to breakdown this often-misunderstood term.

Meadows improve water quality in the Yuba Watershed in a number of different ways. SYRCL’s Watershed Science Program Manager, Alecia Weisman, helps to break down the reason why meadows are crucial for a healthy watershed.

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