US Forest Service Names SYRCL Partner of the Year

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Van Norden Meadow, July 2017. Image: Anna Schwyter

The United States Forest Service Region 5 Pacific Southwest Office has named SYRCL 2017 Partner of the Year.

SYRCL works alongside Tahoe National Forest staff members to restore meadows, assess legacy mine impacts, monitor water quality, manage forest health, plan fish habitat restoration projects, and provide input on dam re-licensing. Over the last four years, SYRCL has raised over $1.7 million to implement projects on the Tahoe National Forest which covers much of the Yuba watershed.

“Working in partnership with Tahoe National Forest staff members is the highlight of my job at SYRCL,” remarks Rachel Hutchinson, River Science Director, “Their commitment to improving and protecting the Tahoe National Forest and our watershed is inspiring. This award is a true honor and a testament to the dedication of staff at both the Tahoe National Forest and SYRCL.”

SYRCL looks forward to many more years of partnership and collaboration with the Tahoe National Forest. For more information about some of our collaborative projects, please check out the restoration, water quality, and dam re-licensing pages here.

Loney Meadow, September 2017


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