Top 5 Threats Stacking Up on the Yuba

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Dear Friends,

Wouldn’t it be terrible if we had to reinvent SYRCL every time there was a new threat to the Yuba?

Without SYRCL, who would be ready to protect the river from a whole host of threats that are stacking up?

  1. fish at damRecord drought – with demands for new dams on the Bear River that could impact the Yuba
  2. Underground gold mines – that could drain neighboring wells and pollute the river
  3. Illegal marijuana grows – diverting water, harming streams and creeks
  4. Nearly 750,000 visitors coming to the river every summer– far too many of whom are insensitive about trash, glass, dog waste and fire
  5. And just last month, plans to truck wild salmon around dams to and from the North Yuba River

That’s why I’ll cut to the chase: SYRCL needs your ongoing financial support to ensure that we are here to take on these mounting challenges – just as we have since 1983.


To successfully address these challenges, please consider giving monthly – from $10, $21, $42 or more per month when you join, renew or make a gift today.   Over the past 32 years, you have helped build SYRCL into a powerful organization with the commitment and expertise to unite the community — thank you for your past, present, and future support.

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Caleb Dardick
Executive Director


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