Tight-knit Trio—3 Generations of River Ambassadors

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They say good things come in three and this is definitely true for the tight-knit trio of three generations currently serving as River Ambassadors—meet Katelynn, Kathy and Shana.

When asked how they came to volunteer for SYRCL, Shana—mother to Katelynn, daughter to Kathy—says, “Doing things together seems as natural as can be for the three of us.  Our family has always been close…being River Ambassadors gave us a way to participate in actively protecting the river.”

3 Generations of RAs_Katelynn, Kathy, Shana_photo by Terra Nyssa
From left to right, three generations of super-star River Ambassadors: Katelynn, Kathy and Shana.  Photo credit: Terra Nyssa.

Katelynn, a budding artist, is currently a senior at Forest Charter School where Shana teaches as a Resource Specialist.  Kathy, AKA Granny, is recently retired, but this has not meant her life has gotten any less busy.  She wears many hats within the community and volunteers for Sustainable Agriculture, The Climate Change Coalition and Yuba River Charter School.  In addition to being a River Ambassador with SYRCL, Shana has served on SYRCL’s Outreach St. Team and Kathy has spent countless hours helping in the office, has volunteered as a Venue Coordinator at the Wild and Scenic Film Festival, and currently serves on SYRCL’s Education Committee.

Each of these ladies brings dedication, enthusiasm and passion to the River Ambassador Program.  Their bright personalities are infectious and it is impossible to speak with them without having your day brightened!  The South Yuba River is lucky to have their strong voices advocating on behalf of it.

So far this summer they have helped the River Ambassador team speak to nearly 6,000 river visitors about best stewardship practices.  Shana speaks about why she and her family enjoy volunteering for SYRCL, she says, “We love SYRCL for its advocacy for the environment.  The river connects all things and brings people together.  SYRCL gives people a place to begin their fight for the environment.  River Ambassadors are there to remind people of their responsibility in caring for this vital resource.  We hope that the messages of stewardship and environmental advocacy that we bring to the community will spread to others and help protect our environment in many ways.”  Kathy reflects on their time on the river and says, “Most people we talk to are happy to see us there and appreciate the work we do.”

When not advocating for the river, the planet or impacting the lives of future generations, you may find the three of these ladies on their shared organic farm in Smartsville.  There, they tend to several rescued animals that they spoil rotten with love, with hopes of formally starting an animal-rescue nonprofit in the future.  Little by little, they are taking steps to transform their home into a self-sustaining residence with solar panels and back up batteries, an organic garden and a water tower.

On behalf of the SYRCL staff and board, thank you Katelynn, Kathy and Shana for your dedication to raising awareness around stewardship at the river.  We appreciate you!  

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with SYRCL, please contact Jenn Tamo at jenn@syrcl.org.

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