SYRCL Requests New EIR for San Juan Ridge Mine proposal

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Proposed San Juan Mine

The recent proposal to reopen a major gold mine on the San Juan Ridge has raised community-wide concerns about potential impacts to the South Yuba River.

The San Juan Mining Corporation recently submitted an application to re-open the San Juan Ridge Mine which closed in 1997. During its last period of operations, the mine hit a fault that caused both a massive flood in the mine and dewatered a number of local wells.

SYRCL has formally requested (see below) the Nevada County Planning Department to require a full Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the proposal.  SYRCL is concerned about the potential significant impacts of the project on water quality and quantity in Spring and Shady Creeks, impacts to wildlife and vegetation and sensitive species as well as indirect impacts on the South Yuba River.

“A project of this magnitude needs thorough study and public review,” said Executive Director Caleb Dardick.

SYRCL members interested in learning more about the proposed mine are encouraged to visit the San Juan Ridge Taxpayers Association’s website and Facebook page, and contact County Planner Tod Herman  to support SYRCL’s request for a full EIR.

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