SYRCL is recruiting for our 24th River Monitoring Season 

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We are looking for dedicated, environmentally driven volunteers to help monitor the water quality in the Yuba Watershed

SYRCL has recruited volunteers for the past 23 years to monitor what has grown to 37 sites across the Yuba watershed

The vast amount of water quality data collected has been crucial in our protection and restoration efforts. If you want to learn more about why we monitor, we invite you to read our River Monitoring Plan. 

River Monitoring

If you are interested in being one of our community scientist River Monitors, you will need to attend an Orientation AND mandatory Field Training.

River Monitoring training is free and open to everyone! 

ORIENTATION is at the SYRCL Office located at 313 Railroad Ave. in Nevada City at 5:30 pm on Thursday March 14, 2024.  

At the orientation, you will learn about the background of SYRCL’s River Monitoring Program, with an emphasis on what we monitor and why it is important. 

FIELD TRAINING is at Bridgeport Crossing at the South Yuba River State Park, on Pleasant Valley Road from 9:30 am – 2:00 pm on Saturday, March 23, 2024. 

At the mandatory field training, you will become familiar with SYRCL’s sampling protocol, practice working with the sampling equipment, and learn to fill out the data sheets. This training will be located at the Bridgeport Crossing at the South Yuba River State Park 

If you’re interested in becoming a River Monitor, please email the 2024 River Monitoring Coordinator, Abby Messe, at to express interest and receive all the necessary information.  

Top Five Reasons to Become a River Monitor: 

  • Be part of a dedicated team of scientists and environmental stewards working to keep the Yuba clean and safe. 
  • See the Yuba watershed in all seasons! Monitors visit their adopted site once a month from March-November to collect data and make valuable observations. Observe the Yuba’s beautiful spring flowers, summer sun, fall colors, and winter flows! 
  • Learn how water flow and other factors impact water chemistry. Each month we test for pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity, Temperature, and Turbidity. Learn why all these parameters matter and how they affect habitat quality! 
  • Once trained, River Monitors can further develop their skills by volunteering with SYRCL’s other river science projects (like meadow monitoring and storm sampling). 
  • Contribute data to support SYRCL’s River Monitoring Plan which focuses on long-term trend monitoring, abandoned mines, dam-affected reaches, the Upper South Yuba River Watershed, bacterial contamination of recreational waters, nutrient and chemical runoff, and invasive/sensitive species lists. 
Special thanks to Ralph, Nancy and Sol Henson for this video. 

March 9th is the first monthly water quality monitoring day of 2024 

Our trained River Monitors will head out to collect water samples and fill out their data sheets! River Monitors collect vital water quality data while also exploring some of the most beautiful and secluded locations in the Yuba watershed. 

The 2024 River Monitoring Schedule  

2nd Saturday of the month from March-November: 

  • March 9 
  • April 13 
  • May 11 
  • June 8 
  • July 13 
  • August 10 
  • September 14 
  • October 12 
  • November 9 

You can also download our extensive dataset collected by our trained citizen scientists at

Thank you to our dedicated community scientists who make it all possible. 

SYRCL volunteers make the River Monitoring Program one of the strongest citizen-based monitoring projects in the nation! 

To sign up, contact SYRCL’s River Monitoring Coordinator Abby Messe at (530)265-5961 x219 or send her an email at 

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